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Sketches for Cats&Co. series with Chinese references/motives by Kasia B.Turajczyk

 I am working on a new Cats&Co. series with Chinese references and motives. Searching, researching, drawing, sketching, procrastinating and sabotaging myself, too. It is so weird. I love to paint and to create, and at the same time, I do everything possible to sabotage myself. Isn't it strange? Art is my love, my passion, my vocation and still, I do everything possible to sabotage myself, not to do what I want. It doesn't even make sense to me. But that is how it is at the moment.  The worst enemy we have, humans, is not somebody else but our mind, our thoughts, that "other I' inside us. I am trying to remember whose book it is, who was talking about the double mind inside the physical brain we have, the one lazy who is predominant, fast and intuitive and the other more logical and sensible but much slower as the lazy one. Kanheman? Yes, Daniel Kahneman "Thinking fast and slow". (I just found the book on the shelf).  I am forcing myself to work and do wha

To be or not to be - a short story of the tragic life of a freak.

Three weeks before last Christmas - December 2013 - I was in one of my thousands of melancholic moods. I was brooding about the human condition, especially about the inanity and foolishness of my species. I went to my studio, picked up a small canvas, some acrylic and oil paints, and in no time a new painting was born. To be or not to be - a short story of the tragic life of a freak. The little cripple is very unfortunate - he has only one hand,  weird asymmetric eyes, he is not handsome and in addition he is also very lonely. The whole group of very diverse puppets and toys do not accept him. I like him,  but he is not satisfied with my company. In desperation he decides to go on stage, pretends to commit suicide and in front of the other puppets he asks: To be, or not to be: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them. detail - To be or

A process of creating an acrylic painting by Kasia B.Turajczyk

It is an old video I took while creating a painting about a magnolia tree from the garden. It happened in the beautiful garden of Lyalls Cottage in Dunchideock. The whole place was like a magical creation by a master creator. That is art per excellent. 

Is nude art not allowed in Cornish galleries?

Perfect Beauty, water colourd, framed. For sale: GBP 1200  Is it a legitimate question if nude is acceptable in South-West England galleries or not?  Based on my experience, it is. It is acceptable by the gallery owners but not by the visitors or other artists who expose their paintings in the gallery. Suppose you think that the nude is something just natural and normal and that most of the pictures and sculptures from the period between Rennassaince and Barok are full or naked bodies. In that case, you will be surprised to discover that nude is unacceptable in the XXI century in galleries in Cornwall.  As In A Dream; oil on canvas; framed,  I will tell you a short about my two nude paintings in one of the galleries in North Cornwall. The owner liked them, and he exhibited both of them for a while. Then one day, when I dropped by to see if maybe he sold one of my paintings (I also had two abstract paintings and 4 water colours pictures), he told me that he had to put it away because my

When pigs can fly

 My new work from the Cats&Co series. Sub-series is about Cats&China.  € 540 / GBP 480 Size: 41 cm x 31 cm I borrowed the motive from an ancient Chinese print. Unfortunately, I don't know the artist. I assume the painting illustrated the tale about the emperor and the little nightingale. I preferred the piglet. Pigs are intelligent animals and funny. Using acrylics, gouache, coloured pencils and pens. The cats are adorable, and the piglet is cute.  The painting is for sale. There is also a possibility to order a print of the original image. Please, contact me if you want to buy my work or the print. 

Art and life; discipline, routine and devotion

Devotion                 discipline discipline routine The most important thing: devotion, discipline, and routine - to become a well-known artist. Or maybe an artist who will make enough money from selling her/his art every month and survive the harsh reality of our life.  It is about working every day, making small steps to go where you want to be. The process is more important than the end achievement. And be active on social media with regularity - it is also a necessity, and it is not easy for me to be consequent in posting on Instagram, Facebook, X and all these other social media.   The questions are, for me and a lot of other artists.   What steps are necessary to become a well-known artist?  How can one survive as an artist in the harsh reality of life?  How can one stay consistent in posting on social media? What steps are necessary to become a well-known artist?  I am working on it; I will let you know.  Today I did post a live on Instagram and Facebook; I am writing this bl