Sketches for Cats&Co. series with Chinese references/motives by Kasia B.Turajczyk

 I am working on a new Cats&Co. series with Chinese references and motives. Searching, researching, drawing, sketching, procrastinating and sabotaging myself, too. It is so weird. I love to paint and to create, and at the same time, I do everything possible to sabotage myself. Isn't it strange? Art is my love, my passion, my vocation and still, I do everything possible to sabotage myself, not to do what I want. It doesn't even make sense to me. But that is how it is at the moment. 

The worst enemy we have, humans, is not somebody else but our mind, our thoughts, that "other I' inside us. I am trying to remember whose book it is, who was talking about the double mind inside the physical brain we have, the one lazy who is predominant, fast and intuitive and the other more logical and sensible but much slower as the lazy one. Kanheman? Yes, Daniel Kahneman "Thinking fast and slow". (I just found the book on the shelf). 

I am forcing myself to work and do what I love to do. Self-discipline leads to a higher spiritual state. I don't have self-discipline. It needs to be developed. I am working on it. 

Contempt for self-sabotage, failure and laziness - my new state of mind. Back to my sketches. 

Sketches by Kasia B.Turaczyk

Sketches by Kasia B.Turaczyk

Sketches by Kasia B.Turaczyk

Sketches by Kasia B.Turaczyk


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