Is nude art not allowed in Cornish galleries?

Perfect Beauty, water colourd, framed. For sale: GBP 1200 

Is it a legitimate question if nude is acceptable in South-West England galleries or not? 
Based on my experience, it is. It is acceptable by the gallery owners but not by the visitors or other artists who expose their paintings in the gallery. Suppose you think that the nude is something just natural and normal and that most of the pictures and sculptures from the period between Rennassaince and Barok are full or naked bodies. In that case, you will be surprised to discover that nude is unacceptable in the XXI century in galleries in Cornwall. 

As In A Dream; oil on canvas; framed, 

I will tell you a short about my two nude paintings in one of the galleries in North Cornwall. The owner liked them, and he exhibited both of them for a while. Then one day, when I dropped by to see if maybe he sold one of my paintings (I also had two abstract paintings and 4 water colours pictures), he told me that he had to put it away because my nude "As in a dream" disturbed a female artist, who for a short time hold her solo exhibition in his gallery. I looked at him and, within a second, basted in laughter. Really, a perfect beautiful female naked body offended, disturbing someone's ethic or esthetic view? And an artist? He never ever exhibited my painting again, aparently visitors felt also unease by my large naked woman. No comment. One mischiveus question: does the artist or all those offended visitors take a shower with the clothes on? 


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