Sunday, 29 June 2014


 From time to time I dream very unusual, weird, colourful and surreal dreams.

 Probably it is not really unusual. According to the neurologists and the scientists of dreams, we dream almost the whole time and we all dream similar dreams. Most of us just can't remember them.

 I do, I do remember my dreams - sometimes. I often put down my dreams on paper in writing or drawings. I memorise and repeat them time after time, when still in bed, to not let them escape from my unconscious memory before they are printing in my conscious memory. Of course I only bother with the most unusual, impossible, shocking or surreal dreams.

 My mum always remembers her dreams, it could be also genetic the fact that I sometimes remember my dream too.

 I found something very fascinating in New Scientist (2 February 2013) about black and white and colour dreams. According to the reports from the 1950s most people dreamed in black and white. This seemed to change over the following decade. By the late 1960s the majority of people in the west seemed to dream in colour. According to Eva Murzyn, University Derby, UK, it has something to do with changes in broadcasting. TV burst into colour at about the same time as the transformation of dreams from monochrome into Technicolour. It is very peculiar phenomena. I have to ask my parents or they remember the colours of their dreams from the time before the colour TV.

 Here is one sketch for a huge oil painting, based on my dream - a nightmare I had in a Polish Hospital two years ago.

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